With all the updates happening on the Google search algorithm on a monthly basis such as the Penguin and Panda updates, it’s becoming vital to practice natural search engine optimization (SEO) to keep your website from hitting the penalty sandbox. SEO is completely different now than it was back in the day. A few years ago it was all about building links, links, links, links and placing lots of keywords in your content. This was heaven for any spammer and Google realised this and so they have to constantly update their algorithm to make sure these spammers don’t appear when you use Google search.

One way to make your search engine optimization campaign natural, start with a SEO blogging strategy. When you publish interesting, valuable, original, and authoritive blog posts, people will mention you in their own content which will produce natural links back to your content – instant SEO.

Each blog post that you publish can add keyword rich content to your website which is an important part of SEO. If you keep your blog posts relevant and focused, you can automatically generate valuable content for your website.

What can you expect from SEO blogging?

More traffic: Blogs are social and can broadcast your message with RSS throughout the web. A few years ago you would publish a new website article and wait for the search engines to discover your new content. With blogging you can regularly publish interesting blog posts that generates traffic. More traffic means more people can be converted on your website in leads or sales.

Natural links: Blogs can naturally attract more valuable links if your content is interesting and valuable. When someone references you on another blog, they can link back to your original content.

Index: Each blog post that you publish is seen as a new page. If you add a blog to your website, each time you publish a new blog post, you are adding a new page to your website that can be crawled by Google. It’s a fact that bigger websites tends to rank better online than the small ones.

Blog marketing is a great way to make sure your website gets good organic rankings on the search engines for keywords relevant to your business and services.