Did you know that it can greatly affect the search engine optimization of your website when you design and develop your website with it right from the start? SEO is all about acquiring targeted organic and natural traffic to your website. When people search for a solution online, organic SEO kicks in to provide them with the right information that they are looking for.

Keywords and phrases that are relevant to your niche and business is the heart and soul of your SEO plan. It’s important to research and select the best keywords that are highly relevant to your industry and that also has a good traffic volume. These keywords are the phrases people will type into Google to start their search. If your website design greets them with what they are looking for, they might be converted on the spot or you can start engaging with them. It’s a win win situation. But using relevant keywords is so much more than just optimizing your website for the search engines. The keywords you use should be the keywords that your visitors can relate to to solve their problems. Building these keywords into the core message of your site forms the communication plan to connect with your target audience. This can also help you achieve higher conversion rates on your website.

Build your website with SEO

The keyword phrases that you use should be built into your website page names, the headings, navigation, and the content on your pages and blog posts. These keyword phrases can also be used in your call to actions to guide your visitors on the next action they should take. With all this said, SEO should always be planned into the building of your website rather than added later. The keywords you are targeting should be integrated into every aspect of your site. When starting with any new website, take some time and do keyword research to select the best keywords you can use for your campaign.