Did you know that the days are over where small businesses could only rely on a small brochure website with only a couple of pages? Google keeps on changing their search algorithm to favour websites and blogs that continually adds new fresh content to their websites.

For SEO you should add new content to your website regularly and keep on expanding your digital profile. The easiest way to do this is by adding a blog to your current website and to focus on blog marketing. Each new blog post that you publish is seen by Google as a new page that you are adding to your website and this adds more value to your website. How are you going to write your blog posts so that Google notices you?

SEO website content

Analysis and research: What keywords do you want to target with your content? If you are going to create new posts on a regular basis, create a master keyword list that you can use when writing your blog posts.

Interesting content: When writing blog posts you must try to involve your readers, convince, tempt, and entertain them. Use your keywords prominently to make your content visible on the search engines. You can use Google to draw new readers in to your blog and when they arrive, engage with them.

Content share: Make your content easily shareable to expand the footprint of your content. Add social bookmarking buttons to your content and share your own content on your own social media channels.

Measure: Measure your SEO results using Google Analytics. What content of yours is drawing in the most attention from organic search? You must also measure the bounce rate of your content and how long your visitors are staying on your website. How much traffic is coming from your social media efforts?

The websites that are currently doing the best are the ones that continually adds fresh and original content that engages their readers when they arrive.