Using a blog for SEO (search engine optimization) is a valuable internet marketing technique that can be used to interlink the pages of your website and to increase your organic rankings on the search engines. An internal link is a link that points from one page/blog post to another relevant page on your website. These links help form your website structure and make it easy for the search engines to find your content.

Using a link structure helps your website visitors move within your website and they supply a clear way for search engine spiders to navigate to all your website content. The links you use in the anchor text of the links helps increase your relevancy for a given keyword and completes your website structure to the search engines.

What kind of link structure works the best for organic search results? Websites should always focus around specific keywords and phrases to get the best results. If you have multiple services or products, organize your website with a clear structure to make the navigation as easy as possible for your website visitors and for the search engines.

Use a blog to define your website structure

A blog can be used to define the structure of your website with internal linking. If your blog is part of your website, it should have a keyword lists that covers what your business is about. Each new blog post that you publish should always be focused and specific around one keyword phrase that you target. Decide on what you want to blog about and choose a main keyword you are going to use in the blog post.

When you have selected a keyword, use this keyword not more than once in every 100 words. You can also use this keyword in the title and category of the blog post. You can also link (once) this keyword phrase to the most relevant page on your website to increase the organic rankings of that page and to tell the search engines what the page is about.

Internal linking with blogging helps the search engines discover your content and increase the relevancy of your website pages linking to each other.