The homepage of your website is one of the most important pages on your whole website. It’s one of the main focus points when new visitors arrive. Your website is a business tool and so it should help you meet your objectives. Optimize your homepage so that it can attract your target audience and convert them into buyers. Your homepage can be the centre point of your online marketing strategy.

On the homepage of your website, make sure you greet your visitors with a persuasive and relevant message. The design you use should build trust and look professional. It’s important that it is optimised so that it can attract targeted organic traffic directly from Google and the other search engines. You should also use a primary call to action that is visible and clear on your homepage to guide your visitors on the steps they should take. Find below a couple of tips that can help you with the optimization of your homepage.

Homepage SEO optimization tips

Message: When visitors arrive on your website, they are either looking for answers or a solution. Make sure that your business message is clear and a new visitors will see it immediately. When a new visitor lands on your homepage, you only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention. Use your message in your navigation structure and any images that you use.

Design: Use the overall design and layout of your website to enhance your core message. Can your business be trusted just by looking at your website? Don’t make your website look like a circus if you are not looking for clowns.

Call to action: What do you want your visitors to do once they arrive on your website? Make sure to make the steps clearly visible on what you want them to do. Use a call to action in the upper corners of your website.

Trust: People are not going to do anything that will put them in harms way. Make a point to show your visitors that you can be trusted with every step they take on your website. Include your address and phone number on every page.

Targeted traffic: Acquiring traffic is easy. Acquiring targeted traffic can be a bit more trickier, but the nice thing about targeted traffic is that it’s targeted. Focus only on targeted traffic by optimizing your website and homepage with a SEO or PPC strategy to drive organic and paid traffic to your website.