Social media is not about yourself and your business, but what value you can provide your target audience. It’s a way of giving and humanizing your brand on the social web. It should never just be focused on what you are doing and how good your services and products are. What value are you providing your target audience? Are you engaging with them?

This sounds good, but how can you actually use social media to provide value to the people you are trying to reach? It’s easy – start blogging! In my opinion, blogging should always be the centre part of your social media marketing and communication strategy as it could be the focus point where your message originates from. It’s also media that you own so it doesn’t matter what happens to all the big social media channels that you are using such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, if any of these channels are going to disapear, your blog will be safe.

With this said, we are offering you “A blogging for beginners kit” where you can start blogging right away. This offer includes all you require to start with a business blog marketing campaign and to start giving answers to your audience. Find below a description of what is included in our special offer.

Basic Functions included in this Blog Starter Kit

  • Search engine optimized blog – SEO;
  • A simple and clean design;
  • Hassle Free Blogging Start up;
  • No Limit to your pages/posts;
  • Low cost to maintain;
  • Easily be found online by your clients or audience;
  • Be viewed as an expert and a market leader by your readers;
  • Improve your website rankings;
  • Add a human face to your company and create a corporate personality
  • Link to your Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube;

Included in the Blog Starter Kit Special

  • 5 Page Business Blog Content Blueprint;
  • Hosting included for 6 months;
  • Business Blog fully set-up;
  • Dedicated links page;
  • Keyword analysis;
  • Blogging Tips;
  • Social media bookmark buttons built in;
  • Blog RSS feed submitted to 5 blog aggregators;
  • Website analytics to view user statistics;
  • Twitter account with automatic Tweeting of your blog posts (* optional);
  • Up to 30 minutes training  (* optional);