In today’s digital connected worlds, everyone has access to various social media channels and review websites where anyone can post anything about a brand, company or an experience. Everyone can voice their opinion and can be seen as a citizen journalist. Negative reviews can turn your business upside down, even without you being active online, but good reviews can be an excellent way to better your marketing strategies.

You can use reviews of your happy customers to market your brand further and to help you reach your business goals. How do you do this? By encouraging them to leave you a review. After anyone has purchased a service or product from you, ask them questions regarding their whole experience and what you can do to better their experience. If they are satisfied, ask them to leave a review for your and tell them that you are going to use their review on your website and other online properties.

People buy from people that they know and trust. When others are seeing all the positive reviews, it can immediately shape the perception of people’s feelings towards your brand and online image. Always encourage reviews to help your internet marketing strategy.

The web is public and everyone can post anything online. Your reputation can be made or broken in 140 characters or less, but this doesn’t mean you should hide away and never show your face online. People can comment and leave a review about you even without you being present. The trick is to be alert and know when this happens.

Negative reviews

It’s always important to know that if people are leaving negative comments and mentions about your brand online that there must be some truth in it and rather use this to your advantage in shaping your brand even further. Monitor the mentions of your brand consistently and look for opportunities on how you can turn this negative feedback into something positive.