How do I know if I need online reputation management? Why do people use it and when is it a good time to incorporate it into your business?

We all know how fast a nasty rumour can spread. Thanks to social media, these harmful conversations can spread faster than wild fire and even have a global reach.

Your business can receive negative attention for various reasons. You might have angered a consumer, have a jealous competitor looking to humiliate you, or have a vengeful ex-employee who wants to grind an axe on head.

What happens when one of these unhappy individuals post negative remarks about you on social media platforms? If you know about it, you can take action. If you don’t, you have a huge problem. This is why you need online reputation management.

Through monitoring the internet constantly, you can pick up on negative mentions about your business and stop it in its tracks before it gets out of hand. Some companies only realize they need ORM when the damage has been done. Don’t wait for someone to create a website called companyXsucks (this have happened!) and destroy your reputation completely!

There are positive things happening on the web as well. Consumers are happy to promote your company if they received excellent service. Social media platforms also allow them to share suggestions or constructive criticism with you. They’re feedback can help you understand their needs as well as the sentiment they have towards your brand. Again, if you aren’t aware of the conversation, you are missing out on valuable info.

Every company needs online reputation management – the bigger your company, the grander the scale. You can do it yourself, buy a program to do it for you, or even hire a consultant/ company. Your company’s reputation is the most valuable asset it has – don’t throw it to the wolves!