As a business owner, you have to establish a strong online reputation of your company as a single negative post can multiply and lead to devastating PR. For effective online reputation management, you need to use software and service providers that help you keep an eye on social media sites, websites, message boards, blogs and search engines.

So if you want to make sure your reputation is protected online, the techniques listed below help with online reputation management.

  1. With the help of keyword tracking tools, you can find out what other people think about your brand. The tool helps you feed the feedback some people give relation to your brand.
  2. Once you establish your official website, creating more sites related to your business and linked to your official website helps with online reputation management. Creating a blog or website that shows how your company helps the society helps as it generates positive comments. These comments can dominate the first page of search engine results and push down negative rankings.
  3. In case you have negative complaints about your products and services, admitting instead of denying it, and extending your apologies to your customer is effective online reputation management.
  4. For effective online reputation management, you have to work at maximizing the positive feedback about you. You could spread links to these sites by including them in your blogs or testimonials, after getting permission from the people who had given this positive feedback.
  5. Optimizing your site also helps as it ensures you have a high-quality website that is at the top of search engine results whenever your brand is searched.
  6. You can get positive content on the internet through online press releases. Just make sure the press releases are informative and meaningful, which can slowly outrank negative comments.
  7. Last, but not least, create company profiles on popular social media websites as they help generate positive and high-ranking content about your company.