If you are interested in using your website as a business tool that can generate sales and leads, it’s vital that your site communicates the right message to your visitors in the first few seconds of arriving on your website. Your unique selling point (USP) and other call to actions should be visible clearly without even scrolling down.

People are searching online for answers or a solution to a problem they might have. When a visitor arrives on your website, they will look around to see if your business can help them. There are millions of websites and if your website cannot offer them a solution, they will browse to the next one. How do you optimize your call to actions so that they stand out above the fold of your website?

Call to action optimization

Place your call to actions above the fold: This is the upper section of your website that can seen without the need to scroll down. “Above the fold” is a term that can from traditional newspapers and is the upper half of the paper. This is a premium space and most often the most valuable articles and advertisements are placed here.

What are the benefits? Your website visitors are looking for answers and solutions. Can you help your customers? Make sure you explain the benefits when they arrive.

Website message: Make sure that you are very clear with your website message and what you want to tell your visitors. You only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of your visitors. Optimize your layout, design, graphics, and navigation to make it easy to find what you do.

Sales funnel: When your visitors arrive on your website you want them to complete an action. This could be a sale, lead generator or newsletter sign up. Place your call to actions above the fold where they can be seen. You can use a creative placement for your headlines and images to capture your visitors attention.