If you are currently spending hundreds of rands on traditional advertising such as magazines, flyers, and print, is it really working? Are you getting any business or leads through all your marketing efforts? You know the online world is a powerful medium that you can use to marketing your business online, but where do you begin?

Many small businesses start their online journey by creating a basic brochure website about their business, but in reality, this won’t work. You need an online marketing strategy if you want your website to be a success. Here’s a couple of tips you can follow to get this going.

Online marketing campaign tips

Target audience: When you create your online marketing campaign and website, you have think like your target audience. An interested visitor will arrive on your website because they are looking for answers. It could be for information, your contact details, or your operating hours. Whatever they are looking for, make it easy to find it.

Call to action: What do you want your visitors to do after they have arrived on your website? If you are looking for leads, place your address and phone number prominently on all the pages so that they can get hold of you. If you want them to visit your business instead, use your address where it can be clearly seen. If you want them to join your newsletter, place it in key areas on your website so that they don’t miss it.

Local SEO: Are you focused on local customers? If you are, use your address, city name, and province where you are situated on all the pages of your website so that Google can add you to local search. Also search for local directories that you can add your business listing to the directory with some basic information about your business, your address, contact details, and your website address so that they can get hold of you.