Did you know that there’s a very big difference with design your site with search engine optimization in place or just adding it on  a later stage? The results are not going to be the same. Online marketing is all about attracting targeted visitors to your website and with SEO you can obtain high organic rankings on the search engines. When optimized correctly, it attracts visitors that are searching for any services or products that you offer.

Keywords are the focus point of SEO. Make sure your select the best keywords that are relevant to your business, and that will yield results. These are the keywords and phrases that people type into Google to start their search. People are looking for answers to their questions and solutions to any problems they might have. Make sure the keywords you select target these people.

If your website provides answers and solutions to these people and they are greeted with them when they arrive on your website, they will become more engaged and interested with what you are doing.

The keywords you choose for your SEO campaign is so much more than just organising your website. They are related to how people think on finding what your business offers them. Building and integrating the keyword phrases you select into every part of your website forms your communication message that will allow you to connect with your visitors.

Your keywords and phrases should be built into every part of your website including the website pages names, headlines, links, navigation structure, and content. They should also be used in your sales funnel and call to actions.

Should you add SEO on later?

When you add SEO on at a later stage and not from the beginning, your keywords cannot be integrated very deep into every part of your website because you will already have a structure in place. If you are really interested in SEO and attracting targeted traffic to your website, plan SEO from the beginning.

To be the most effective with SEO, when you start with your website planning, one of the first steps should be to do some keyword research. This will allow you to connect with your visitors and drive targeted traffic directly from the search engines.