It’s a fact that if you are an online business, you have one main need and that is traffic. Online businesses needs eyeballs (traffic) to succeed in the digital space. If you have a great looking website, but you are not getting any targeted traffic to your website, what is the point? It’s like having a Ferrari, but you don’t have any money for petrol to drive it around. To succeed, you need an online marketing strategy.

If you are looking for options to generate more traffic to your website, search engine optimize your website for Google and the other top search engines and use a blog on your website to get interested readers coming back for more. Using these two methods (SEO and blogging), you have a chance of getting huge amounts of targeted traffic directly to your website.

Here’s a couple of tips to get started

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization can improve quality traffic to your website. Choose the best keywords and phrases that your target visitors will type into Google to find you. This is the most important and first step you should take with any SEO strategy. Using the best keywords can determine if you can turn your traffic into conversions.

SEO requires that you optimize your website so that the search engines can crawl your website. Use optimized content on every page of your website. Use your keywords and phrases in the content so that it stands out. Also, use the same keywords in links, bulleted lists and the headlines of the specific page.


Using a blog on your website can produce many powerful links that the search engines can view immediately. Using the keywords you have selected as your guide, write a couple of blog posts every month to get the ball rolling. Each blog post that you publish should have a minimum of 300 words. Use your targeted keywords as the title of the blog post, in the content, and in the anchor text link that links to the most relevant page on your website.

This basic system of combining SEO and blogging is much more powerful if you use them together.