When someone has a question or looking for a solution online they usually turn to Google. What if your organic listing comes up for a keyword or phrase one of these people used on their search? Will they click on your listing? Is your online marketing campaign actually working?

What if the searcher clicks on another listing because their message looks more appealing on the organic search engine result pages? Times and technology have changed tremendously over the past few years and you know have to do so much more than just be listed on the search results of Google. You need to make sure your listing is compelling and will entice people to click through to your website.

The click through rate is used by Google as one of the metrics to determine the value of your website. How many times does your website get displayed for certain keywords relevant to your industry and how many times are people click on your link? Google wants to display the best results to their users because they are providing a service. It makes only sense that they add more value to sites that are visited more often from their results and pushing the ones down that are not getting any clicks.

How can you optimize your search engine listing so that you increase your click through rate? To do this is easier than it sounds because you must only make your listing look entertaining, informative, and interesting. The search engine results displays your Title tag followed by the META descriptions underneath the title.

Optimizing your search engine listing

Title tag: This is the headline that you can optimize to attract attention. Use keywords in your title tag that will be relevant describing the specific page. Do not use more than 75 characters in your title tag because Google doesn’t display more characters than that. Why are people searching for your services and products online? Make it clear that your website offers them a great solution to their problems.

META description: When writing the META descriptions for your pages, write them as a 160 character advertisement that will entice people to visit your site. Do not use more than 160 characters because Google doesn’t display longer descriptions. Be creative and use call to actions in your descriptions to make them stand out, but take care so that it doesn’t look spammy.

It’s important that you become obsessed with how your search engine listings appear to your audience if you are interested in generating targeted search traffic.