If you are interested in starting a business blog marketing campaign, it’s important that you have an online marketing plan and strategy to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts. Business blog marketing should always have a purpose and be focused. With this you require a strategy that will serve as your guide when blogging for your business.

What do you want to achieve with your blogging strategy? If you are looking to get results, your blog should tie in with your business goals. To create a blogging plan is easy. Start creating it by including the topics you will cover, the keywords that will be used, and some information regarding your target audience.

Online marketing for business blogging

Blog topics and keywords: Content is king in the online marketing world and start creating your blogging strategy with the topics you will be writing about. The topics will be used to connect with your readers and to convert them into customers. Keep  the topics you are going to blog about focused around your business, services, and products. Use selected keywords and phrases that you will use in the topics, content, and headings of your blog to engage with your readers.

With blogging, long tail keywords and phrases (more keywords than two) should be used to get the most conversions. Even though long tail keywords won’t bring in a lot of traffic, they can convert better as it is focused and people don’t just type in one keyword to find you. They usually start their query on the search engines by asking a question. Can your content answer them? Use long tail keywords to achieve this.

Target audience: Your blog posts and topics should be focused around your target audience. The days are over where you can build it and they will come. Your content, topics, and blog should be targeted for your specific audience. How can you make sure you are reaching them? Make sure you have as much information about them as possible. What questions do they have? How old are they? What interests them? What problems do they have? Answer these questions and you can make sure to build your blog specifically for them.

When starting your blog, make sure that you understand it should never be about selling, but to engage with your readers that can convert at a later stage into sales and for branding.

Here’s a couple of tips on writing blog posts

  • Topic titles: Use specific long tail keywords in your titles. Use the phrases people will search for on Google.
  • Content: Use specific keywords in the content, headings, sub headings, links, and lists in your content. Make it relevant to your business.
  • Blog post length: Never publish blog posts that are shorter than 280 words. Google and your audience wants content. If you can’t answer them with your content, they will leave. The more quality content you use in your blog posts, the better.