Analyzing and measuring your blog and website traffic is crucial to any online marketing campaign and for gaining insights how your visitors are coming to your website. Online marketing is much different than traditional marketing as everything can be measured. Every rand you spend on your online marketing can be tracked and measured if you have the right processes in place.

Website analytics programs like Google Analytics is part of most website hosting packages, but not everyone understand how to use these tools to gather data that can be used to optimize their campaign. Find below a couple of tips on measuring your website analytics.

Website metrics

Activity: Look at the overall activity of your website. This includes the unique and returning visitors of your website per day, week, and month. Unique visitors are people browsing to your website for the first time. Returning visitors are the ones that have already visited your site. You can drill this even deeper by looking at how many pages they have viewed and which days of the week are visitors browsing to your site the most.

Location: This shows where your website visitors are coming from. This shows the country and area where they are browsing your website.

Bounce rate: This metric shows how many visitors land on your website and leaves without browsing to another page or post on your website. With your online marketing campaign, focus on getting a bounce rate below 50%.

Robots: This shows which search engine robots visited your website.

Source: This is another important metric as it shows which search engine or other channel sent the visitors to your website and which keywords and keyword phrases were used. With this metric you can see where the most of your visitors are coming from.

The purpose of website analytics is to understand your online marketing campaign and finding opportunities to enhance your campaign. With measuring your analytics, you will be able to define new keywords to target and which pages should be optimized to get a good return.