Is your website different than your competitors websites? Are you standing out from the crowd? There are millions of websites and it’s important you showcase your company online as the logical and best one to trust and do business with. Even if you are in a competitive market, you have to educate your website visitors so that they can trust and respect you.

This kind of online marketing is often referred to as educational based marketing and it works wonders online as most searches on Google starts with a question. If your website can answer your target market busy searching and looking for answers and solutions to their problems, you’ve struck a goldmine.

Make your website different

Your content: Make sure to change the content of your website to position yourself as the leader in your industry. Educate your target audience on all the current trends in your market. What are the main problems when people purchase from your competitors? Offer your solution by educating your visitors.

Your message: Your website should explain all the advantages of using your business over others in your market. Create a story around your company that explains this. You can also use your about page for this. Explain your unique approach and how your business is innovative.

Incentives: Offer your visitors some kind of incentive such as a whitepaper or ebook when they join your mailing list. Use a thought provoking title with your incentives to get your visitors buy in.

Email: Create an email marketing campaign where you can send your subscribers a list of educational articles that are publish on your website to make sure they visit your website often. You can also use your business message and story to start your email marketing campaign.

Video marketing: It’s easy to create short videos on your website explaining your services and products. When you create these short intro videos, use them in your other online marketing campaigns as well like your social media strategy.