You must have heard this before – content is king. Even though this is true, with the birth of social media and the rapid pace at which the digital world is evolving, engagement is king, but in order to engage with people,  you need good content. Digital content (content used online) is much different than traditional print content and you must know the difference if you want to use good content in your online marketing campaign.

In order to make the most impact with the content on your website, online marketing strategy or social media campaign, you need to follow a couple of simple rules to get the most out of your content marketing plan. You need to make your content focused, to the point, use shorter paragraphs, and fewer words. Find below a couple of tips so that you can make the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategy tips

Provide your readers with answers: People are looking for answers and they aren’t always interested in your company before they have read what you have to offer. Focus your content always on answering your target audience’s questions.

It’s not about you: Don’t write only about your company and what you are doing. Your primary duty with online copywriting is providing your readers with what they want.

Benefits: Write about the features of your services and products. This is what sells.

Sales pitch: Grab the attention of your visitors by explaining your sales pitch that should contain your benefits when they first arrive. You can also include your offering to direct them further down your sales funnel. Make sure you do this in the first few seconds when they arrive on your website. If you can’t grab their attention, they will visit another website to find what they are looking for.

Be to the point: Use shorter paragraphs and sentences in your content. Your content should always be focused around a single point. Don’t confuse your readers with irrelevant information.

Easy to read: Make your content easy to read by using headings, sub headings, bulleted lists and numbers in your content. The main points should be clearly visible and easy to read.