Getting lots of traffic is good, but if they are not converting into any sales, leads, downloads or whatever else you want to achieve, there is really no point in generating traffic at all. If you have an online marketing strategy, you most likely no that getting high conversion rates are extremely important.

Generating traffic isn’t that difficult, but getting people to buy or sign up is harder. If your website or blog isn’t converting any of your visitors into buyers, how can you fix this so that you can improve the conversions on your website? Find a couple of tips below that can help you with this.

Website conversion tips

Target audience: Are you attracting the audience you would like to attract? It’s a fact that the best website will not be able to convert any visitors if it’s targeting the wrong keyword phrases. What answers and solutions are people looking for when they arrive?

Call to action: Your visitors most likely are looking for answers. If you can offer them the best answer and solution, then they might take an action. Make your call to actions appealing, clear, visual and easy. Make it easy for your visitors to take an action on your landing pages.

Navigation: Make it as easy as possible to navigate your website. Don’t confuse your visitors by adding too many options that they should take. Don’t confuse them.

Newsletter sign up: One way to convert your visitors into buyers is when you convince them with valuable information over a period of time. Grow your email list by offering a newsletter sign up. The idea with this is to encourage your visitors with good information to visit your website often.

Trust: Your website should be designed so that it looks professional and can be trusted. Show your visitors that you are serious about your business and build trust with every step on your website. Display your address on every page (footer), together with links to your privacy policy, guarantees, etc.

Social media: Add social media elements to your website where people can engage with your directly on the social web. Social media is a great way to build trust and credibility. Add social sharing options on your pages where visitors can share your content with their own network. Also include links to your social media profiles where your visitors can follow you on the social web.