When a new visitor arrives on your website, all it takes is a few seconds to win their trust. To make sure you get your target visitors to trust your website you need to connect with them and understand exactly what their intentions are. Why have they arrived on your website? Are they looking for answers to their problems? Are they only looking for information? What inspires them? Understanding your target audience is the heart and soul of online marketing.

Your website visitors needs a solid reason to trust your business the second they arrive on your website. This is why it’s so important that your website must be trustworthy. Good communication leads to solid connections. This isn’t just about talking, but from a much deeper understanding. It comes from a shared behaviour, imagery, language, and even vocabulary. The content on your website needs to be aligned and useful to the visitors you are trying to reach.

Connecting with your visitors

Connecting with your website visitors plays a bigger role than just your content. What is your core message? Can you make it visual? A great way to do this is by using videos on your services or product pages that describes what you are offering. This can help your visitors get to know you. You can also educate your visitors through blogging, webinars, and providing them free ebooks.

Where does your audience spend their time online? If they are fond about reading, most likely they belong to bookclubs and related communities discussing their interests. If you are selling books, how can you tap into their community to showcase your offering?

Your visitors knows exactly what they are searching for and what they want. Make sure to optimize your website for the keywords and phrases that will bring in visitors that are interested in your products or services. Think like your customers and not the owner of your business. What keywords will they be typing into the search engines to find anything that you offer? Present these keywords on your website using images, headings, and your message.

A true connection with your website visitors comes from an understanding of the audience you are trying to reach. Connect with them on your website.