If you are interested in online marketing and driving traffic to your website or blog, use a variety of mediums to accomplish this. Search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing can be used to drive targeted traffic to your online presence. Did you know that you can use traditional marketing for this as well? Promoting your presence on your brochures, ads, and business cards can increase traffic to your website, and more traffic can drive more conversions.

Including the address of your online profiles on traditional print media can increase the traffic to your website. Be smart and use a short powerful message in your marketing material to refer interested people to your website to find out more. You can use print media to attract attention and then when they arrive on your website, drive them further down your sales funnel. Here’s a couple of tips to get started on this.

Traditional website traffic tips

  • Emails: Use the links of your online profiles in your email signature that can automatically be added to any email you send or reply to.
  • Snail mail: Use postcards with a powerful message that includes links to your profiles.
  • Newsletter: If you are still using traditional offline newsletters, add a section on the newsletter explaining them to visit your website for more information.
  • Traditional directories: Add your website details in any traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages you are using.
  • Telephone message: If you have a telephone message that is played when someone is on hold or contact you after hours, direct them in your message to visit your website.
  • Vehicle branding: Use vehicle branding by displaying your website address or social media links.

Using traditional marketing methods is a great way to enhance your online marketing strategy on acquiring more traffic to your website and other online profiles. Be smart about it.