When visitors arrive on your website, what is their first impression? What message does your website design communicate with them? It’s a fact that when online, people judge a website by it’s cover and the visual appearance of your site plays a big role. Is the design of your website trustworthy or does it look like a circus? With any online marketing campaign, your website design plays a big role.

Your website isn’t just an online brochure of what you do. It should be a clear reflection of who you are, and what you do. Your website is part of your brand and should make an emotional impact with your visitors with good visual imagery. What makes your website different to all the other similar websites?

Be unique in your website design. If your business focuses on customer care and a high level of service, don’t just go the boring route of displaying technology pictures on your website. Show real photos of people on how they react using your services and products. Show that you care about establishing relationships with your customers.

Professional website design tips

First impressions last: Make sure that you capture your visitors attention by using consistency across your whole website. This includes the overall layout, images, and even typography. The design that you choose should always be consistent with what your business is doing. Does your website visitors see the most important things about your business first? Use headlines and images that will capture your audience attention.

Your website should look professional: Your website should look professional  Does it have all the necessary branding elements that your audience expect? This goes much further than just the physical design. It’s the organization of your website, the message you are trying to communication, and the layout. Make what you are offering your visitors clear and make sure you highlight the benefits of using your services and products.

Trustworthy: Can your business be trusted by looking at your website? Include reviews from your customers on using your services or products. You can also include a couple of trust logos, affiliates, and certifications to build a level of trust with your visitors. Also, include your contact details on every page.