The days are long gone where your website was a simple brochure and only having one meant business. It’s 2013 and quite a lot has changed over the last couple of years. There are millions of websites and thousands of new ones are launched everyday. Does your website stand out from all the noise? With a few basic online marketing optimization methods, you can use your website as a business tool to increase targeted traffic to your website and make your visitors stay on your website for longer.

To have a successful website, you need to tell a story to your visitors so that it can guide them on what you want them to do and to grab their attention. Are you convincing your visitors that you have the best solution? Your website visitors arrives on your website looking for answers. Does your website engage with them to take an action? How can you optimize your website so that it tells a story?

Creating your website story

Who is your target audience: You might have a couple of audiences, but it’s important that each audience you target has a specific funnel and what you want them to do on your website. Guide your visitors on the steps they should take.

What is your plan: Create a detailed plan on the steps your want your visitors to take. How are you going to get their interest by grabbing their attention and build their desire to make the final buying decision? Use a storyboard to outline this process.

Uniqueness: What makes your services and products different to the ones your competitors are selling? Make sure you outline this in your story and pages.

Analytics: Does your website visitors leave without taking an action or browsing other pages on your website? View your website analytics to determine areas of improvement and on which pages you should optimize your message.

What is your topic? When visitors first arrive on a website page, they scan the content briefly to find what they are looking for. Use your topics in headlines, order lists, links, etc to point out the content of the page. Your visitors arrive on your website from the search engines with keywords and phrases. Use these prominently in your headlines and headings so that your visitors can see what the page is about.

Content is king: Create the content of your pages so that it’s to the point. Avoid using big chunks of content that no one wants to read. Easily scannable content gets the best response because it’s usually short and sweet.

Your website content should tell your story. Your website should encourage your visitors to take an action and educate them. Are you getting your story across to your website visitors?