There are millions of websites on the world wide web. Do you know what separates a top converting website from a plain average one? A top converting website always focuses on their best buyers and their specific needs. This is the heart and soul of any online marketing campaign. Not just any random buyer, but the best ones. These are the people that are the the most interested in your services and products and are more than likely to buy from you directly online.

The design of your website, offer, and core message needs to target their specific needs that will lead to a conversion. If you want to succeed online, you have to understand them clearly and what drives them to take an action. People usually arrive to your website when they have a specific question or looking for a solution. Does your website help them? Find below a couple of questions that can help you with optimizing your website for your target audience.

Understand your target audience

What is the purpose of your website? What services or products do you offer? Your website is the image of your business and it needs a clear purpose. What problems can you solve and what questions can you answer? What makes your website unique and different than than your competition? Your website needs to carry this message over so that your visitors can immediately see what you are offering and who you are.

Who’s your target audience? Do you know and understand them? Where are they coming from online? Do you know their income level? Age? Sex? This is important to know because with this information you can construct your website message to target them specifically.

Why do they visit your website? Do you know what motivates your target audience? What answers are they looking for? Does your services or products help them with their need?

What makes them take an action? What will cause your target audience to take an action on your website? This could be in the form of a sale, download, or contact. What is the trigger that will make them take the final decision? Present your website with the best solution to make sure your target audience doesn’t look for answers on your competition’s websites.

Drive your target audience when they arrive on your website to take a desired action. Clearly show them that you have the best solution to their problems.