What makes a great website that increases sales and leads on a monthly basis? A website that is built around its target audience with a solid online marketing strategy. These websites aren’t build for just any audience, but targeted audiences that will find what they are looking for. Your target audience are interested in what you offer and are more than likely to buy your services or products because you can help them.

The design of your website, your offer, and core message should target the needs of your audience directly. People are searching online because they are looking for answers to their questions. Can you website help them? If not, how can you optimize your website to target them specifically on what they are looking for?

This might sound easier than it is, but have a look below on a couple of tips to get you started.

Optimize your website for your target audience

What is the core message of your website? What services or products do you advertise on your website? Your business needs a clear purpose to succeed and so does your website. What answers can you provide your visitors? Are you unique or are your competitors offering them a better solution? Your website should address your target audience.

Do you know your target audience? What do you know about your visitors? What do they like? What content do they like online? Is it blog posts, videos or images? Understanding your target audience will help you to provide content that they want to see and can engage with.

Why would they visit your website? What motivates your audience? Can you offer them a solution that will help them? In order to service your target audience, make a point of understanding the motivations of them.

Why would they buy: What will make them buy a product or service on your website? Showcase that you understand their need. This will make them much more open to buy because it will show that you understand them.

Your website is a business tool and show your visitors that you are offering what they are looking for. Point them in the right direction by integrating a sales funnel in your website.