Your online brand is the image and recognition of your business on the world wide web. Digital branding is so much more than just the color you use in your branding and the logo. It’s all about what your business believes in. With digital branding, you can reach your target audience and this plays an important role with online marketing.

With branding online it’s important that you create trust, loyalty, and recognition. In order to accomplish this, you must build your business personality and connect with your target audience. Don’t use your branding to add more noise to the online clutter, but instead to cut through the noise and reach your target audience on a personal level. It’s all about interacting and connecting with your customers.

Digital branding tips

Understand your target audience: What do you know about the people you want to reach? This means you should focus on everything about them. Their age, sex, income, etc. What are they looking for online? If you can anser this, you can provide them with a solution. The more you know about them the better you can organise your branding to suit their needs and to reach them. Don’t focus on connecting with everyone, because then no one will come.

What makes you unique? How are you different than your competitors? Your brand should showcase who you are and what you do. You should always focus on showing your strength. Your brand should represent what you do.

What is your solution? What problems can you provide solutions for? It’s really not enough just to stand out from the crowd. Showcase your in depth knowledge around your products and services.

Content is king: Google and the online world revolves around content. Make sure the content you produce on your website, blog, and social media channels are unique and supports your brand. Create content specifically tailored to your target audience.

Referrals: People are more likely to trust a recommendation and referral from a real person than a plain search result. Ask your customers to write a review and testimonials about your service and offering. What were their experiences? Showcase this in your online profile.