The days are long gone where your website could be a simple brochure of your website with no actual meaning. Your websites needs to communicate your core message and what you do, your benefits, and why you are the one to do business with in the first few seconds. You should also make it easy for your visitors to see your UPS (unique selling point) and a clear funnel (sales funnel) that your visitors can see without scrolling down or visiting another page.

People are searching online because they are looking for answers and solutions to their problems. Once a visitor arrives on your site, they quickly scan your site if you can help them. If you can’t, they will leave and go to the next site. It’s important to keep the attention of your visitors and present them with a clearly visible call to action above the fold with your online marketing campaign.

Call to action optimization tips

What does “above the fold” mean? This refers to the upper part of your website that is always visible without scrolling down the page. This term was coined from the print industry that describes the upper part of the page. This is the best spot to place any call to actions.

Benefits: How are you going to make your website visible enough so that your visitors find what they are looking for? Make sure you explain your benefits in detail on your homepage so that they can see this within the first few seconds of viewing your site.

Core message: Your core website message should always be to the point and clear. How are your services better than the services of your competition?

CTA: Once your visitors arrive on your website, what are the next steps you want them to take? This could be in the form of registering for a newsletter or contacting you. Make your call to actions clearly visible.

Attention grabbers: Use attention grabbers such as graphics, buttons, and headlines to get the attention of your visitors. This is important as it can also serve to direct your visitors on what action you want them to take.