If you are a small business owner, I’m sure you have told yourself that you are small and that you don’t need a mobile website. Why do you really need one? Will the trend just pass and it will be something of the past? Well, to be honest; did you know that small local businesses are the ones that are search for the most on mobile devices? When your target audience is on the road, they are usually not near a computer, but have their mobile device that they use to search on.

If they are looking for a restaurant, they are searching online. If they are looking to go watch a movie, they will lookup the local movie theatre to see what they can watch. When they are in an emergency such as a car breakdown, they are also going online to find the nearest car repair centre. When people are lost, many don’t rely on dedicated GPS devices anymore, but go online to find directions.

What if you can’t be found?

What if your customers are looking for you, but they can’t find you, or your website is not optimized to display on mobile devices. I’ll tell you what they’ll do, they will visit your competitors instead. Congratulations. You have just lost a customer.

So what kind of small businesses needs a mobile strategy and website? Every local business in my opinion. If you can relate to any of the below points and you don’t have a mobile website, it’s time to get one.

  • You need a mobile website if your business is local.
  • You need a mobile website if you are advertising in local directories or news outlets.
  • You need a mobile website if your customers are looking for you online.

Mobile isn’t the future because it’s busy happening right now. If you are a local business, optimize your website so that it’s mobile friendly. Your customers expects it.