It’s a fact that every business wanting to make an impact online needs a solid internet marketing plan to be successful online. There’s no way around it. It’s a plan that will outline your roadmap and should contain all of the online marketing strategies you will pursue.

This roadmap and marketing plan should include everything you are going to do online and will consist of your overall business marketing strategy, website plan, traffic, online reputation and social media plan. All these strategies should be woven together to give you a solid roadmap to follow.

What should you include in the internet marketing strategy and plan?

  • Business marketing: Your business online should have an overall marketing plan to reach your business goals. Your overall marketing strategy should work hand in hand with your internet marketing plan and should be focused on the needs of your target audience.
  • Social media marketing: This part of your strategy should consist of your branding strategy as well as the overall communication and engage plan you will have with your target audience. Social media is a two way communication medium and not a one way broadcasting system such as radio or television. It’s interactive and should always be a top priority in your marketing campaigns.
  • Website: Your website will be the heart and soul of your marketing strategy. It’s a medium that is owned by you and should always be of the highest quality. Your website should clearly present your message and showcase that your brand is serious about business.
  • Traffic: There are many traffic strategies you can integrate into your digital marketing campaign. These can consist of organic SEO, PPC, Social Media and even traditional strategies. You should clearly outline what strategies you are going to use and create detailed processes and campaigns around these.
  • Reporting: You should make it a habit to regular analyze and review Google Analytics on what you are doing online. Create a process where you can regularly check if you are reaching your business goals with your online marketing campaign. Setup Goals and custom reporting to find out exactly what matters to your website, traffic and business objectives.