Too many internet marketers are forgetting that their target audience consists of real people – not the search engines. Content on your website or blog that is overloaded with keywords might work for short while for Google, but when someone reads it, will they actually do business with you if your content doesn’t make sense? You need to have clear and interesting content that addresses the needs of your audience.

A good content marketing strategy educates, entertains, and interests your target audience. By using the keywords you are targeting on areas where it makes sense in your content, you will also get the attention of Google.

Original and unique content

Original and unique content that is optimized is the key to get your website friendly to the search engine spiders. Use targeted keywords and phrases to get the attention of your best customers and in your content you should convince them to buy from you. Use the keywords only in areas that makes sense that your website will be available for search.

Writing content for your search engine optimization campaign is so much more than just writing keyword stuffed text. It must appeal to your readers when they arrive on your website or the channel you are using the content on. SEO copywriting is a method of applying your targeted keywords and phrases on specific areas of your website that tells the search engines your website is relevant and they should index your website.

Think about how your audience will use specific keywords on the search engines to find you. Use these keywords to engage and attract your visitors. With SEO you can attract your visitors from the search engines and once they arrive, engage with them. If you want your SEO campaign to be successful, your strategy needs to focus on targeting visitors to arrive to your website and then your content should engage with them.