How did your internet marketing strategy work out for your business in 2012? Did you achieve your business objectives? If it did – well done! Will 2013 be a better year? Many businesses sees a new year as being more difficult than the previous one. Competition is getting bigger, confidence is dropping, leads are harder to get, and it’s becoming more difficult reaching the right people with your marketing message.

The digital world is changing everyday and competition online is also getting more fierce. If you are in a competitive market, sometimes you have to do more work for less reward. Business conditions like this is getting also more difficult for marketing people. Only surviving the past year without going down is many people’s measurement if they made it or not. Only the winners are standing at the top.

Are there any ways that internet marketing can change your plans for the new year?

Can anything be done to make sure your business does succeeds and gain an advantage in 2013? Maybe you should look directly at who you are targeting with your marketing strategy. Do you know your audience that buys from you? What are they looking for and why should they choose your business?

Review what happened in your business in 2013. What didn’t work and what did? What could have been done differently to make a bigger difference? How will 2013 be different to last year? Are there any new opportunities? What is your competition doing? Maybe you can learn a thing or two from their mistakes.

Reviewing and taking a hard look at your performance the previous year and making those choices on what you are going to leave out to make room for the opportunities of the new year will give you a better chance of surviving the new year and making sure you end up at the top.