With internet marketing, your website should be built and designed with a purpose. It should be built with the aim of delivering results for your business. In business terms: your website should be a lead generating selling machine that helps you reach your business objectives. Your website should deliver information on what your target audience is looking for. Ideally, with a lead generation website, you want your visitors to request for a quote, or sign up. These are the visitors that are usually read to buy.

How are you going to turn your website into a lead generating online business? Find a couple of tips below to help you with this.

Website lead generation

Provide a solution: People are searching online to find information or for a solution to their problems. Think about what problems your services or products solves for your target audience. Talk about this on your website using a story and show why your solution will be the best. Focus on the benefits of your products and not the specifications and features.

Call to action: The call to action on your website pages should be compelling and clearly visible. Position it above the fold and make it bold where it can be clearly be seen when visitors arrive on your website. The headline should attract your targeted visitor.

Capture form: Your email list capture form should collect the minimum amount of information that you need so that you can respond to interested people. Do not capture any unnecessary data that you will not use as most people will abandon forms more than requires more than a name and email.

Incentives: Offer a free incentive of value for the people that sign up to your email list. This could be a free tool, ebook or even free shipping on their next order. Be creative and offer something that will interest your visitors.

Trust: People will not give you their email address if they don’t trust you. Provide assurance that your emails will not be used to spam them or be sold to others. Include affiliation logos that you are associated with on your website to give them re assurance that you will not mislead them.

Converting your website to be a lead generator is not an easy task and one size really doesn’t fit all. Make your offer compelling to your visitors. Improve your lead generation by analyzing what works and what doesn’t.