With mobile marketing, one growing trend I’ve had success with is called push notifications. Push notifications works really great for a number of reasons, but let’s firstly define what it exactly is. A push notification is a message (usually short) that you can send through to a user’s mobile phone from a mobile app. You can basically communicate a message, offer a greeting or share news, but it differs from SMS because it happens within a mobile app that the user is using.

When the user downloaded the app, you can provide them with a message if they would like you to send them further communication through the app and they can usually set their preference in the settings of the app.

In my opinion, push notifications are very powerful because you can communicate directly with your target audience if you have an app for your business. If you have an app, how are you going to use push notifications to increase business for you? Find below a couple of tips that can help you with this.

Push notifications

Sending promotional codes: You can use promotional codes to the users of your app that are exclusive. Make these promotions that your customers cannot get them any other way. This way you can make them feel special and valued, and you reward them by making use of your app.

Updates: Send out a couple of push notifications to the users of your app by only letting them know on any important news regarding your company. These updates are typically non promotional, but it will keep your business name in front of them.

Special invitations: Send special invitations if you are sponsoring an event. When sending out these special invitations to your mobile app users, expect the sign ups to filter in.

Push notifications is a new and exciting way you can use for marketing your business. Most of the time, because users have downloaded your app, they expect you to communicate with them.