Did you know that when you connect your website to Google’s Webmaster Tools you can view valuable information and measurements regarding your website? This is an excellent tool to view the health of your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. This tool provides you with information on what is working and if something isn’t, usually provides the source of the problem.

If you are not currently using Google Webmaster Tools, you must start using it right now. It’s a powerful tool that you can also use to connect your account directly to your Google Analytics account. This provides you with a lot of information to find info that you can use to improve your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Emails: On the Google Webmaster Tools you can can enable email notifications where you can be notified of any issues with your website.

Improvements: Under the search appearance section, this will display any technical improvements that you can do to improve your website. This includes many on page elements such as meta descriptions, titles, and content that shouldn’t be indexed.

Queries: Track how many impressions your keywords and site is generating and how many people are clicking on the results. This will also show you your average search position of the keywords and phrases on Google’s SERP’s.

Links: Still the driving force of SEO. This section displays the number of links to your domain, where these links are, and the anchor text of the links.

Errors: This is a valuable information section where you can view all the errors that your website is generating that could impede your SEO growth strategy.

Sitemaps: On this section you can connect XML sitemaps of your website, blog, and mobile website directly to Google. This section also displays any issues with your sitemaps and the number of pages that are indexed by your sitemaps.

There are hundreds of tools available to measure the SEO progress of your website. Google’s Webmaster Tools is an excellent addition that you should use.