How old is your website content? Are there fewer visitors coming to your website and they don’t convert at all? These are clear signs that you should update your website again to keep it fresh for your visitors and to stay ahead with your online marketing strategy. Update all the old content with new interesting material. You can also fix all the of the broken links on your website as these can have an effect on your rankings. Add relevant content on a regular basis to have a solid content marketing strategy. You can also add new call to actions on your website to lead your visitors down a clear path on what you want them to do.

Your website can be the center point of your internet marketing strategy. When people are looking for more information regarding your business online, or they are interested in anything you provide, will they get the answers they are looking for on your website? Will your website welcome them or scare them away? Your website is your image to the world and should be treated as you would like to be seen by your clients.

Find a couple of tips below that can help you update your website to get the best results.

Website optimization tips

Poor content: Remove all the pages on your website with content about your services or products that you no longer offer. Add new pages for the new ones and update all the services or products that have changed. Have a look at your website analytics to see which pages have the highest bounce rates. This can give you a good indication on which pages to scrap, and which ones you should keep.

Duplicate content: Remove all the pages on your website that are duplicated on other websites or pages. If you don’t want to remove these pages, you can block them out from being indexed by adding their URL’s to your robots.txt file.

Fix broken links: Fix all the broken links on your website by scanning all the content and links. Repair or remove any broken links.

Blogging: My favourite – add a blog to your website where you can regularly publish interesting articles, news, videos, and social media related content that your target audience will find interesting. Every new blog post that you publish serves as a new page on your website.

Call to actions: Have clear call to actions on your website where you can guide your visitors on the next steps to take. These can be to collect email addresses, get a free quote, download form, or buy directly from you.