An excellent converting website is one that focuses on conversions. How does it do this? By understanding their target audience and knows what will make their visitors take an action. This is most likely the first and most important part of internet marketing. If you don’t know who your target audience is, how can you sell to them?

What demographics do you know and understand of your target audience? What are they searching for on Google and other social media platforms? When you know the answers to these questions you will be able to present them with a message that will make them want to take an action. Here’s a couple of tips to get started with this and to research your target audience.

Target audience research

Target audience: Do you know who’s your best customers and what drives them to take an action? What queries or solutions are they looking for? Where are they looking online for answers?

Solution: People are looking for answers to their questions. Most likely they will use organic search on Google by using specific keyword phrases in their search. What are these keywords? Don’t focus on optimising only for one or two keywords. Look at the long tail questions they might be using and answer them directly with your content.

Design and layout: Getting them to your website is one thing, but the ultimate is when they take an action on your website. When they arrive on your website, showcase that you have the best answer to their questions by displaying all the benefits of your products or services. Guide them on what action you want them to take.

Trust: This is key with internet marketing. Build trust all the way on your website. Make sure your website is professional and doesn’t look like a watered down circus. Place affiliate logos and your address on your footer so that it’s always seen. Also include privacy statements and any other policies on your footer.

Call to action: This is the heart and goal of your campaign. Make it easy for your audience to register, sign up or to contact you. Your call to action should always be visible.

Understanding your target audience doesn’t happen overnight and will require some heavy research, but once you have all the answers to the questions above, you have struck a gold mine.