Many companies today are making use of the web as a primary way to develop leads that can be turned into sales. Your website is an excellent channel that you can use to grab the attention of your visitors. When new visitors arrive to your website, convince them that you have the best answer for their query.

How are you going to prompt your visitors with the best action to take. Here’s a couple of methods you can use to turn your valuable local website visitors into buyers.

Website visitors

Target audience: Do you know and understand your target audience? Once you know, you can optimize your website using keywords and long tail keywords designed to attract these visitors.

Solve their problems: Your visitors will arrive to your site if they have a problem or to fill a need. They search for specific solutions using keywords. Use these keywords that they are using prominently on your website headlines. This will help them see at a quick glance that you have what they need.

Are you different? What makes you different to all the other websites? Show how your business and website is better and different. What advantages do you have that your competition doesn’t have? Show that you are more reliable, better, and faster.

Trust: Remove all the risk with product/service returns and guarantees on your website. You can also use trust logos that are clearly visible when visitors firstly arrive to your website.

Contact information: Place your telephone number and contact details on every page of your website so that it is viewable on all your pages. This will make making contact with you easier.

Barriers: What are the objections that keeps people from buying from you online? Explain your story and how easy it is to do business with your in the content of your website. Also, make it easy for your visitors to take an action. Does your website have a clear path to take? Make it easy for them on the steps they must take.

Design your website and all the pages so that they flow in a natural way for your business. The focus should never by on a flashy design, but by solving the needs of your visitors.