Building your email list is worth gold in the world of internet marketing. Using email communication can also be one of the best strategies for your marketing campaign to engage and interact with your target audience. Did you know that there are a few steps that you can take to increase the capture of emails on your website?

If you want to start with building your email list of target people that are interested in what you do, one of the easiest ways is to add a email capture form on your website to collect email addresses for newsletters you send out or regular update emails. Follow the tips below to help you get started with this.

Email list building

Target market: The same with any other internet marketing strategy – always focus on your target audience. Your emails and offer should grab the attention of the people you are trying to reach. Targeting only these people will help you develop a list that you can market to.

What are you offering? To get people to sign up to your email list, offer them something of value. This could be in the form of a free download or even free membership.

Is it visible? Place your email capture form where it is clearly visible so that it is seen when a new visitor arrives on your website or blog. In my experience, the upper right sidebar of your website is very effective for your lead capturing form.

Headline attention: Use a headline that will grab the attention of your visitors.

Limit information: Never clutter your email capture form with too much information that you don’t really need. People skip email capture forms that requires too much information.

Privacy statement: Include a privacy statement at the bottom of the email capture form. This will help you build trust and it can sometimes increase your sign up rate.