Having quality content on your website pages, blog, and article marketing campaign is crucial for organic search engine optimization (SEO). Unique, relevant, keyword rich, and quality content is the key to making your website stand out from the crowd, and to make it more search engine friendly. With quality content you can attract your ideal customer and convince them to take the next step. The same content can be indexed by Google making the content available for search.

With article marketing you are writing your content for two audiences. Writing informative and engaging content is for converting interested visitors into buyers, and writing your content to be keyword rich is for the search engines. It takes both to produce a successful website and internet marketing campaign.

Content marketing should be ongoing

If you did publish articles once on your website don’t forget about it. Fresh content will keep the search engines on your website coming back, and also for interested visitors that you will be able to convert. Use article directories, press releases, and your blog as ways to publish new content on a regular basis.

Natural organic rankings with SEO is more than just adding a couple of keywords to your website content. Keywords is the heart and soul of any SEO campaign. These are the words that your ideal customer will type into Google to find you. Use quality keywords to engage and attract your website visitors. If you write engaging content, you will attract interested visitors as they are searching and you will then be able to engage with them once they arrive.

If you would like to have your SEO campaign to be effective, it needs to have a focus on attracting and engaging with your visitors so that it answers any questions they might have. The formality, voice, and tone needs to speak to your visitors in a way that they understand.