2013 is going to be a fun and exciting year in the online marketing universe. Do you have any new plans to attract targeted visitors to your website and online profile? There are millions of websites on the internet and that number is growing. To be successful to drive targeted traffic to your website, don’t focus on only one strategy. Things change instantly on the web. New ideas springing to life gets born in an instant online and in the next instant fades away. With this said, placing all your eggs in one basket is the wrong thing to do with any internet marketing strategy. Never rely only on one source of traffic to your websites and online profiles. This will help reduce the risk because change happens at the speed of light. Find below a couple of website traffic methods you can use in 2013.

Website traffic methods

SEO: Organic search engine optimization means getting targeted traffic to your website from natural Google listings. This should always be one of your long term methods as it can pay of greatly at a later stage. Start your SEO campaign by selected keywords and phrases that your visitors will use to find you online. Use these keywords visibly on your website such as the content, headings, and titles.

Local SEO: This is also a search engine optimization method where you use local city names and addresses in your content. You can get quite a lot of traffic from people that are doing local searches. Blogging: This is not an option anymore as your customers are expecting it. Each blog post that you publish gets seen by Google as a new page on your website adding to your authority on the web. Write your blog posts to attract your target audience that could result in a sale.

Blog commenting: One of the easiest marketing strategies is if you leave comments on other related blogs in your niche. Posting relevant comments on related blogs is the same as networking. By engaging with others in your niche, you are basically networking. Watch this space for the next part in this series on how to drive targeted traffic to your website and online profiles in 2013.