Very recently LinkedIn chanced the design on profile pages and I must admit, it looks great. It looks professional and has a more 2012 look to it. Here’s what I liked about the new profile page design on LinkedIn.

  • The UI/UX design layout of the new profiles easy and smooth to navigate and very pleasant to the eye.
  • Users have the ability to move elements around on the profile page, a feature that will be welcomed on other social media channels as well because what’s important to them might not be as important to me.
  • The added ability to add elements to your LinkedIn profile. Customization is always a good think. If you are an author or artist, presenting yourself to potential clients is a very different kind of marketing than a small business owner that only provides a service. Presenting yourself this way should always be different.
  • Your experience on your LinkedIn profile is now called “Background”. That term can be used in many creative ways.
  • The connection box has also changed to be more inviting and friendly. You can now sort the fields by various criteria such as connections by company.

This is a welcome improvement to LinkedIn in my opinion and could move LinkedIn up further in the social media channel category. Currently, LinkedIn falls behind the other top social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  and Google+ in terms of popularity. If LinkedIn is to ever move into one of the slots for the top social media channels, it will have to focus on UI/UX very closely to be more attractive to a variety of different kind of users, and that ultimately means more than just updating a couple of features.

What profiles changes are you excited about with the new LinkedIn profiles?