To have a successful website online that receives targeted visitors daily should make a point of being focused around specific keywords related to the products and services that the website offer. Usually the best conversion generating websites and internet marketing strategies are the ones that are focused around one single theme, but this isn’t always possible and practical.

When you have multiple products or services, you need to optimise the whole structure of your website so that it makes sense to your visitors and to the search engines. Group related content, products and services together so that they can almost be viewed in various buckets. All these buckets should have targeted keywords and themes around them.

On a specific website page, use your targeted keywords in the selected bucket in the first few sentences of the page. Also use these keywords in the theme, subheadings and links on the page. This will glue the theme together and make it relevant for the search engines to follow through. When you use links on a page, make a point of linking to the most relevant page on your website (bucket) so that the pages can relate to each other.

You are not restricted to only using one bucket (theme) on your website. Let me explain.


Let’s say you have a computure hardware business. You offer completely built computers and hardware. These two groups (buckets) are related, but should each have their own topic and be placed in separate buckets.

Use the bucket method for internet marketing

Bucket – computer hardware: In this bucket, you can group all the computer hardware together. You can focus on the keywords describing the hardware, write content for the various hardware items and even create dedicated sales funnels for the items. Unlike fully built computers, I assume people will usually buy more than one hardware item, but only one computer at a time. Take note of this.

Bucket – built computers: In this bucket you can group all the built computers that you are selling and advertising. All the keywords will be focused around this bucket and the content as well. The same as with computer hardware, a different sales funnel can be used in this bucket.

Group all the related items and themes of your website together so that it makes sense to your visitors and the search engines. Don’t let your visitors think what they should do. Guide them on grouping all related items into a bucket so that you can provide the best user experience to your visitors.