As an online marketer that is always looking for the best internet marketing strategies, you most likely want targeted visitors to arrive on your website and engage with you in a specific way. This might be for buying a specific product, registering for your mail list or requesting for more information. This is what marketers want. For designers, they want their awesome designes to be catchy and show off what they have done.

To make sure your ecommerce website is getting the best conversions possible, you have to build trust around your whole business and website. This means so much more than just a great designed front end. Focus and showcase the products that you sell. How can you get your ecommerce website to be focused on conversions and making sure you get the most out of it?

Ecommerce conversion tips

First impressions lasts: The design that you are going to use for your ecommerce website should always look professional. Never use flashy colours and stick to what is working by using a white background. The design elements should be minimal so that what your offering stands out and instil trust and confidence.

Banners: Even though rotating banners might be an option to be displayed on your website, it’s a fact that visitors only notices the first page in the sequence. Make sure that if you are going to use rotating banners to always use the best image as the first image to rotate.

Width: It’s 2015 and the days of creating websites designed for screens 1024 width is over. Creating your website so that it occupies the whole screen by integrating a responsive design so that it can fit on any device. Take advantage of all the screen real estate you have available.

Navigation: Your navigation should be easy to follow and always in a postion where it can be accessed. Don’t overcrowd the navigation by placing elements in it that isn’t important. If you have many categories, organize them so that it makes sense to your visitors to follow what they are looking for.