If you have created a blog on your business website with the hopes of generating more visitors to your website, how do you get started with the wonderful world of  business blog marketing?  How are you going to attract your target audience to your new blog and how are you going to make them come back for more?  Blog marketing is a powerful online marketing method.

In my experience, business blog marketing works wonders when you focus all your efforts on a single topic. What will your target audience find interesting and what will make them make the final decision? If you are a real estate agency selling homes in Bloemfontein and you want to attract home owners that wants to list their homes on your website, you could start blogging about the various price trends in the Bloemfontein market. Other topics that you can blog about could be about how to prepare your home for sale on your website, how to make improvements to your house, and how to maximize the overall selling price.

The key with business blog marketing is to select a topic and make 100% sure that it is closely aligned to your core business. It should be something your target audience will find interesting and help you share the content along with their own social circles. Find below a couple of tips on starting with business blog marketing

Business blog marketing tips


If you want to succeed with your campaign, make sure that your content is original and unique so that the content can be indexed by Google. Every time you publish a new blog post it adds an extra page to your website that Google can index.

If you are not using original content and only copying your content from other sources, Google will see your content as duplicate and can penalise your website removing all of your search engine rankings. If you want to use a different source for your content, make sure you add a link in the content to the original content.

Content guidelines:

Make sure that you publish new blog posts at least 2-3 times a week. If you post less you won’t build up a following. Your blog posts should have a minimum of 300 words. Focus on a single topic with one focused keyword in your blog post. You can use the keyword in your time and between 2-3 times in the content of the post. Add a link on the first mention of the keyword to the most relevant page on your website to build the link exposure for that page and to increase your rankings.