If you are busy with an online marketing campaign with the goal to build up your email list, it’s vital that you offer your target audience the right incentive to attract the right audience that are interested in what you are offering. Website visitors will not sign up and give away their personal details unless they are getting something valuable in return. What value are you offering them?

In today’s hectic digital business lifestyles, it’s not enough to only provide information on a regular basis. It’s important to offer some sort of value and sign up bonus to build your email list.

What you are offering your visitors needs to make an impact with them. Something that will stick and make them do business with you. When you are offering this, it will help you get very high open rates with your email marketing campaign. The key with this is to offer your visitors something that they really want as an incentive.

What makes a really good email offering?

It should be relevant: What you are offering them should be relevant to the services and products that you offer. This will help you create an interest in your company in the long term and a desire to see what you are offering next.

It should be engaging: Deliver something to your audience that they really want. The topics you choose should help your target audience answer a question or current problem that they might have.

It should be useful: Make what you are offering useful and practical.

Go the digital route: Deliver coupons, free report or an ebook that you can use with auto responders. This way you can deliver the information at the right time when your audience requires it.

Measurement: Measure the success of your campaign by implementing Google Analytics. Test different offerings and see what works the best. Leave the campaigns that is not yielding good results.