Did you know that customer testimonials that is clearly visible on your website can increase trust with your website visitors and target audience? In my business, I always encourage my clients to add real testimonials on a regular basis to their website and blog to provide a level of social validation that they provide outstanding products and services.

If you have a section on your website where your customers can leave reviews it can also be a clear signal to your website visitors that your business is focused around customers and it strives to create a great positive buying experience. The only problem with this is that many small businesses where everything is mostly done by a small team, they don’t have the time and resources to regularly add new testimonials to their site.

What can you do to make this easy for you to get testimonials from your customers?

Customer testimonials

Ask for testimonials: Encourage testimonials on your blog, website, retail location or follow up with your clients by phoning them or via email. For phone calls and email, don’t wait too long. Your follow up should happen promptly after the sale.

Make leaving testimonials easy: If you make it hard to leave testimonials, the chances are going to be slim you are going to get any. An easy way to integrate testimonials easily on your website is to add a star rating system where customers can leave optional comments.

Don’t fake it: Never add “fake” reviews to your website. Your customers won’t know that they are fake, but if you are fake online, what does it say about your business. If people love your brand, they will leave testimonials for free. Keep it real and to the point.

Testimonials is a great way to enable trust to your website visitors. If you haven’t added any testimonials yet on your website, start today and make a difference.