It’s crucial that you select the best keywords and phrases for your internet marketing strategy. The days are over where people are just using one keyword to search for answers. If  you are selling houses on your website, do you want to rank for “houses” or rather “houses for sale in …” followed by the area the house for sale is in. The second phrase is much more descriptive and will convert better.

When researching keywords for your website, it’s important that you focus on people that are interested in what you do, your services, and products. Never optimize your website with keywords that are too general. Be more descriptive with the keywords of your marketing strategy to focus on conversions. Find a couple of tips below that can help you get started.

Keyword research for conversions

Quick results: People are looking for instant results. They will usually use keywords such as quick, fast, very fast, extreme, and instant. See how you can tie these words together with the keywords you want to target.

Use the best keywords: People with problems searching online for solutions are looking for quality results. People searching on Google that are interested in premium services will use phrases such as premium, best choice, best, etc.

Cheap“: These are people looking for the cheapest deal. If you want to target these people, use words such as cheap, free, wholesale, affordable, low cost together with your target keyword.

Easy: These are words people use searching for convenience and includes words such as simple, easy, full service, etc.

Internet marketing revolves around keywords. Use descriptive phrases together with the targeted phrases you want to rank for. When doing keyword research, focus first on the people you want to target than the search engines. This will help increase the conversion rate on your website.