Your brand online is how you operate, how people see, perceive and experience you, your products and services online. To brand your company online so much more than just to make your brand memorable, it’s all about those trusted connected that you are always trying to establish.

What is the difference between an internet marketing strategy and an online branding strategy? Branding is all about creating your name in the market, visuals and values. Internet marketing is all about telling people how great you are. Branding should always be done strategically where marketing plays a more tactical role. How do you start with your digital branding strategy?

Digital branding tips

Target audience: You should create your messages to be targeted for the audiences you want to reach. You should always aim to  target specific demographics on what you are offering and what you stand for. Have a thorough understanding of your target audience needs and wants.

Your logo: Your logo will be the first and sometimes the lasting impression people will have about your brand. Create a great logo that is simple, unique and displays your message clearly.

Domain name: Your online domain name plays a huge role. Use a simple to the point domain name that contains your brand name.

Personality: This includes your tone, message, design and style. Be consistent with everything that you do so that your personality will shine through. Your brand personality will communicate with your target audience.

Visibility: There are many strategies you can integrate with your digital branding campaign to make sure people become aware of you. Optimise your website, start a paid advertising campaign or drabble around with affiliate marketing or social media. You have to get your brand noticed to make an impact.

Your brand is what you stand for. Make it memorable.