A successful website doesn’t become successful on it’s own. Build it and they will come is a thing of the past. To ensure your website is structured and tailored to help you reach your business goals, you need an internet marketing strategy to help you generate, leads, sales, quotes, etc. If your website is doing nothing for you, it’s time to re-look your website strategy.

Having an internet marketing strategy is so much more than just the mediums involved. It’s about focusing on your best buyers and target audience. It’s important that you understand your target audience’s needs and wants so that you can connect with them. In order to achieve this, here’s four tips I regularly use when we create a new internet marketing strategy for a client.

Internet marketing strategy tips

Goals: Look at your business goals. This is the same as your business goals because they are clear and can usually be measured. How are you going to use your website to achieve your goals?

Target audience: To connect with your target audience you need to understand them. Where are they based? What is their age, gender and sex? Do you know what interests them? Why do they need to buy or do business with you? What problems are they currently experiencing?

Action plan: Now that you know your website goals and target audience, you need to create a sales funnel on your website to lead and guide your visitors on what actions they should take. Answer their questions and be clear on your offering. Use various design elements to guide them to take the next step pushing them further down the sales funnel.

Traffic: When visitors arrive on your website it’s good. When qualified visitors arrive it’s even better. Create a traffic plan that can include SEO, social media, PPC or email marketing to drive interested visitors to your website that are likely to convert.