For many people exploring the online universe, the social web is merely an informative and engagement part of their day, but to others, it screams “marketing opportunity!”. In truth you see: blog posts, Facebook Likes, Tweets, updates, etc. translating directly into awareness, conversions, and brand expansion on the web. If you are thinking to start building a career with internet marketing, make sure that you understand that this field is ever evolving at an alarming rate. How are you going to get started and build a digital resume to let prospective employers know that you are the solution to all their internet marketing needs? If you have experience with marketing on the web, find below a couple of guidelines that can help you create an awesome internet marketing resume that will impress your community.

Identify your objectives

To begin with, start building your internet marketing resume by clearly identifying what your internet marketing goals are. The summary or goal with any resume should always identify a professional direction. Instead of including everything and boasting about a wide yet shallow expertise with every single internet marketing spin off (PPC, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) out there, it’s very important that your internet marketing resume show case your most honored abilities and strengths. Whether it’s strategic social positioning, brand awareness, community management or basically anything in between, narrowing down your internet marketing resume with a clear focus and objective will improve your chances of being considered for a specific role and at the end of the day being taken more seriously.

Explain social media ROI

As you are presenting your experience on all the best internet marketing campaigns you were part of, think how you are going to get the person interviewing you excited. A good way to do this is by presenting numbers and tying those numbers to ROI. Even if it’s just a small event targeting campaign that you got trending among all the attendees for a couple of days or spike in website traffic for a local business you achieved through your Facebook campaign, it’s much better to show off your experience with measurable results and not guessing the outcome.

Build your personal brand

If you are working with internet marketing, there’s most likely a very good chance that you are spending a lot of time on the web. Your internet marketing resume should try to connect the reader of your CV to every digital profile you are using so that they can get a feel of your  profiles, work, and the influence that you carry. This means that you will have to start building your personal brand (your name). A good way to start this is by having your own blog that connects to all your digital profiles. Your blog should lead to your optimized, public, and active presence on the popular social media channels you are using such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Getting the dream job in internet marketing takes experience you already have and a very solid understanding how to present the right information to hiring managers. With the right internet marketing resume, you will be taken more seriously and get a dream job – on the web.